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Day 2 & 3: I've been in a better mood...

Today is the day of the transformation of myself. The thing is it's not the transformation I hope for (obviously the transformation into a Victorias Secret Model) no, it's the transformation in to a total crazy ass bitch. I'm talking SOCABAHC Syndrom of crazy ass bitching and hysterical crying or short version: My Period. I am in this times also known as poison minded beast on the loose.

Someone please lock me up because everyone around will wanna kill or at least slap me at one piont or another. The most endangered species right know is my usually beloved boyfriend, who in a situation like this just can't win.

Conversation example:

He: Honey you look so gorgeous, I think one can already see that the cleanse you are doing is really beneficial not only for your health but you also  look more rested. Actually you look as if you had a very light and nicely glowing make up on. (okay I admit it already I strecht it but that was the essence of what he wanted to say)

Me: Thank you so much. I do feel much better already and I can really thell the difference in my health. Wait! (slightly angry vioce) Is that supposed to mean I only look good when I wear make up?

He: No of course not, I think you allways look good. Like em er em last week on that party you were definetly the best looking girl.

Me: I wore make up you $&%$/%&%$/%&§" (as you can imagine angry but with a hint of tearful vioce). Oh and you DEFINETLY weren't the best looking guy there! 

Then I'd start to cry very silently and gracefully because even I know whatever he'd be saying I'd start a fight.

The cleanse however is really going good. After only two days I feel so much better already, mostly health wise but I think of that as a real accomplishment. Today because I am extremly sore from doing PDS I and some DC I am not going to workout. But I will again tomorrow.

I feel that my fitness is not increasing on the days I workout but on the days I rest... When I read that it comes off like the lamest excuse no? 

Tomorrow I am going to weigh myself. I decided not to do it to often to keep me sane. I mean I do wanna lose weight but I also want to concentrate on my health first (yes also mental health!). To be quite honest I don't think especially with the TAM the scale is a good think to work with at least not used excusively. It doesn't show how your body changes benaeth it's skin... 

Have a lovely day

XOXO Josie


12.1.11 14:27


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